Due to the closing of St. James School, CYO will be handled as follows:

·         All children registered at other Catholic schools (primarily Immaculate and St. Hilary) will be eligible for the CYO program at their respective new schools.

·         All children registered in the Parish Religious Education Program (“PREP” – formerly CCD) will need to register as part of St. James CYO.  The CYO commissioner for the respective sport will then decide which teams within the CYO Region 10 the St. James children will be placed.  All PREP children will be placed with the same school and all attempts will be made to place the children with a team that is close to St. James.

·         The PREP children WILL NOT have the option of selecting which school’s CYO program they wish to join.  Therefore, it is highly unlikely that PREP children will have the ability to play for Immaculate or St. Hilary since these schools will likely have a sufficient number of players and will not need additional children.

·         There will need to be a volunteer to handle the coordination of PREP children with CYO Region 10. 

·         St. James will continue to have a High School Basketball Program.  Last year there were two boys teams (freshman/sophomore and junior/senior) and a girls team.  We will continue with the High School program as long as there are a sufficient number of children registered.


If you have any questions, please contact Brian McMearty at 215-379-0696 or at